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Working Well with Others: Grantseeking as a Team

For those new to the world of grantseeking, the amount of information available can be daunting. Between the complexity of various applications, the numerous types of funders and types of projects that you can apply for, and the announcements of funding opportunities spread out among thousands of departments and their unique websites among all levels […]
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Establishing Meaningful Relationships with Foundations

In the world of nonprofit organizations, securing funding is often a crucial part of conducting the mission and initiative of supporting communities. While there are various avenues for fundraising, building strong relationships with foundations is a vital component of the grantseeking process. Foundations exist to support social causes, and establishing meaningful connections with them can […]
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4 Funding Opportunities to Train the Young Workforce

With the growing demand for labor, Canadian companies are looking for qualified workers. There is a growing demand for grants to hire skilled labor. Canada is conscious of this and has set up several grant programs to help organizations find workers and connect young people to the right organizations so they can gain experience in […]
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