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Do you have experience working with federal, provincial, local institutions or SMEs in Canada? Are you a native speaker of French or English? 

Grants Office Canada is a full-service provider of strategic grants development services for governments, education institutions, non-profit organizations, healthcare providers, technology industry partners and for-profit enterprises. Our approach to proposal development is based on collaboration and open communication among team members and clients.  Our aim is to lower risk and shrink the investment of time and resources required for our clients to pursue grant funding.

Our grant writers work directly with clients to help develop all  elements  of  the  project,  and coordinate  submission  of  a  high-quality competitive proposal.

We’re always looking for new writers! Join our team today by contacting us with:

Your CV
A listing of the federal, provincial, or foundation agencies for which you have submitted grants
A listing of the grant programs for which you have been a proposal reviewer, if any
Two writing samples (preferably narratives from successfully funded projects)
Note: Grantwriters are contracted on an as-needed, project-by-project basis. Workload may vary based on the season and client demand.

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